Brasserie Zedel

Another restaurant where France comes to you without taking a plane: The Brasserie Zedel. This grand brasserie can transport you to France, especially in Paris, the heart of romantic places. This brasserie looks like a real Parisian one where you don’t know where you are anymore: Paris or London? 

Zedel brings to London customers an authentic French cuisines with a daily special, all in an accessible price. You can be in London and Paris for just one day and even better - on Valentine’s day. French food, French wine, French patisseries and atmosphere, what else ? 

Clos Maggiore 

Voted the world’s most romantic restaurant, Clos maggiore is an oasis of calm located in the heart of Covent Garden. Impregnate by the Provence and Toscane campaigns styles, the Clos Maggiore’s interior creates an unique atmosphere which mixes heat and magic which pleases to people. 

It is ideal to spend your valentine’s day here because of all the lights fixed in the ceiling, which is romantic. Moreover, the head chef Marcellin Marc proposes to customers a Provencal inspired cooking with seasonal and local ingredients to provide seasonal meals. He has made the perfect Valentine’s day meal for you and to appreciate an unique moment with your partner in such a romantic place.   


Paris is romantic. What a charming restaurant to spend your valentine’s day in the famous French Brasserie, located in 3 areas: Battersea, Putney Balham.

Valentine’s day is the perfect moment to eat French food if you are in love. There, you can be sure to found very famous French food such as Foie gras, pate, charcuterie and a large choice of meet and big healthy salads. They weekly change the menus to provide clients a diversify meals according to the seasons, all based on provincial cooking. For this occasion, a special French Valentines day menu is made for couples. So romantic! It’s now up to you to travel in France through the French cooking.  

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