Time to get colourful & positive

- World Colour day, 21st March -

I just got back from the slopes and for those who know, I take skiing very seriously. Having missed the last three years to lockdowns and pregnancy it was even more gratifying, I couldn’t believe that I was there to be honest.

It was certainly full of colour on the slopes against the white runs and the blue sky. On returning back to the UK I really noticed the difference in the colours that people wear, we are all good at dressing to our surroundings and probably subconsciously.

Upon my return I was delighted to see that the daffodils are now in full bloom along with the camellias, the crocuses are out and the magnolia trees are in bud - It made me feel positive. I even sent some photos of them to my mother and she said that they lifted her spirits. It reminded me of the reason I design brightly coloured shoes, in a world full of black and brown shoes, some colour on your feet certainly lifts your mood and inspires positivity to those around you.

We all need some positivity in 2022!


Red: excitement, love, and energy

Orange: confidence, bravery, and success

Yellow: creativity, happiness, and warmth

Green: healing, freshness, and tranquility

Blue: trust, peace, and loyalty

Pink: compassion, sincerity, and sweetness

Purple: royalty, ambitious, and luxurious





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