As you know, even if you are not a Londoner, Camden is one of the famous districts and is one of the THE places to go. 
It is known for its trendiness and its energy  When you arrive at camden station, you just put one foot outside and you immediately feel the sound and the vibrancy, you can see colorful structures and this alone can put you in a good mood. 
In Camden market, you can find a lot of food from every corner of the world such as Asian, Europe, North and South of America, and etc. The smell of all the mixed food will make you happy but at the same time very hungry! This market is a paradise place for both your eyes and your stomach and when you see all the food at such affordable prices, you will surely want to take and taste every single plates. After eating this, to digest, it is time to have a walk around the streets to see the clothes and other articles markets such as gothic things. Outside the markets, in the streets. You can also find little boutiques were you can buy some souvenirs from London, jewellery, clothes etc. 
However, after shopping, you still have time to rest, relax and having drinks with your friends at Camden’s many lively bars. 
Camden is also very much associated with British singer Amy Winehouse as it was 'her hood' in London - you will find statues of her in the street to remind us of what a brave and successful woman she was! A Camden legend!


Gold Cup & St Patricks Day

As you know, on March 17th, Saint Patrick Day is the most famous celebration in Ireland. Wherever Irish people are in the World, they will never miss to celebrate!

On the 17th of March, all the pubs, streets and public places, you will see  people all dressed in green usually with big hat, shamrocks and red beard. On this day, there are parades, concerts and lots of partying - drinking Irish beers, dancing and singing all night long. It is also THE day around the globe to meet your friends and drink beers as much as you want! 
By celebrating this big day, Irish people knew how to conquered the world because now this special day is celebrating in every corner of the world such as Europe, America, South America etc… 
However today is also extra special because it is also the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the biggest seasonal racing horse event of the year. Even more paddy power! The Cheltenham Gold Cup is a Grade 1 National Hunt horse race run on the New Course at Cheltenham Racecourse in England, over a distance of 3 miles 2½ furlongs, and during its running there are 22 fences to be jumped. During the race, you can bet on horses and win money if you are lucky but lose if you are unlucky … 
So follow the races to win some money if you are lucky, and get some beers to celebrate it! 

Notting Hill

Notting Hill, located in the heart of London is one of the most famous districts in the capital of England. Indeed, this quarter is known for its typical houses with sweetened colors such as yellow, pink, blue, green and white to name a few. Those houses reflect britain’s art and architectural. 
Living in this district is idyllic, because even if there are a lot of tourists who come around to visit the sweetened candies coloured houses, this place can still be classed as quiet and peaceful. The colours of the area are very in-fitting for Spring/Summer 17. 
When you have time during the week, after work or on the weekend, you don’t have time to get bored because you are able to walk through Portobello Market on the Portobello Road in family. This market is the world’s largest and represents a reference for antiques, vintage and bric-a-brac products with over 1,000 dealers selling. 
After your shopping, you, your friends and your family can rest and relax in little cafes in Notting Hill or Westbourne Grove such as Granger & Co, Daylesford and 202 and Electric House. 
This shopping street is also known for its boutiques, cafes, bars and lively restaurants. When you go there, it is the perfect occasion to wear your Westbourne shoes. During spring or summer, it is a perfect opportunity to wear your Westbourne shoes and they can put you in a good mood with their bright colours! 

To do in London : Borough Market

This market is located in the heart of London, near London Bridge Station, and is accessible by all transports routes (tube, train, foot, bike). This famous London alimentary market, rich in history, is currently considered the most biggest market at national and international level. 

There is cuisine from every corner of the globe on sale here. 
As a food lover, this place is made for you. When there, it is like you are traveling all around the world just by savour specialities such as French wine, bread, Asian’s tastes, Australasia, South America, European, African to name a few and of course you can also find fresh fish, meats and vegetables. 

You absolutely have to taste 2 things: 
Kappacasein : french raclette with real big cheese which melt in front of you. Even if it is strong, you can feel the smell of the French’s cheese. 
Khanom Krok : it is small coconut pancakes, a speciality made from Thailand which is really good. 
Little advice : do not eat before going there because when you arrive at the this place, your eyes will be bigger that your stomach seeing all the food. You will want to taste every single thing, I can assure you! 
Finally, Borough Market is a place where you can relax with your friends and taste plates rich in savours.

London Fashion Week A/W '17

This year, the top trends are: sweetened and animatronic. 
By sweetened, we talk about warm colours as candies (blue, pink, yellow…). In this point of view, designers make an addition of several colours which bring youthful, vitality and good mood on us even if it is winter. 
Contrary to sweetened style, animatronic trend is inspired by Mangas which bring a futuristic, robotic and melancholic sides with heavy metallic colours and textures to the clothes. If you adopt this style, you will have a high tech look which will bring you to the light. 

Autumn/Winter 17 collection

This week we launched the Yull A/W 17 for wholesale. The collection takes inspiration from two key trends of the season - the ‘Sweetened’ trend and the ‘Futuristic’ trend. With the sweetened trend pastels are making a come back into winter, think baby blues and pinks. These can be found in our Harris Tweed that we have incorporated into heels and boots. Our use of mixing fabrics with leather has carried over into this season and has become iconic with Yull and its British feel.

The futuristic trend inspires the metallic in the collection. Gold metallic brogues and the Buckingham shoe are key to this trend. Inspiration has been taken from astrology, high tech and and an into the night sky vibe. Westminster tube station has been a key inspiration for this feel. An already favourite for the season is the Westminster shoe with pops of baby blue and gold on the heel available in 9cms and 3cms heels.

We shall be exhibiting at 

  • INDX, Solihull, 8-10th February
  • Pure, London, 12th-14th February 
  • Yull Studio, London until 10th April

Download Lookbook   T&Cs

BOOTY CALL - Calling on all A/W trends!

Calling on all of Autumn/Winter Seasons’ most stylish and wearable trends! There’s no denying that the chilly days are here to stay, at least for the next couple of months. So what better way to make us feel better about it than putting our best foot forward in a chic pair of boots! Every stylish lady needs a statement pair of boots in her autumn/winter wardrobe that will be effortlessly wearable, comfortable and the perfect addition to any outfit. 

Below are our 4 favourite styles that we recommend for this season, although none of them will be going out of style any time soon, as they are absolute classics! You can definitely expect getting your money’s worth in wear and utility. We have put our British spin on these 4 classic styles with our English, locally sourced Herringbone Tweed and leather. We are very proud of our British roots and are very pleased we can put a fresh approach on the classic trend.

Scroll down to find the perfect pair of Yull Shoes corresponding with the A/W trends!

How to Wear Brogues

Brogues are traditionally characterised by multiple-piece leather uppers with decorative perforations on the ridges of the material. Roots of this iconic shoe can be traced back to an early 19th century traditional, elemental shoe from Ireland and Scotland. The shoe was designed as outdoor, country footwear for farmers to use when crossing wet terrain- the perforations on the uppers allowing the water to drain out of the shoe.
Brogues have definitely experienced a huge transformation from their original use in the 19th century, where they were considered to be innapropriate for any other situations, business or social.  Now it is one of the most fashionable, versatile and timeless shoes, constantly being reinvented in new ways. Aside from their typical form of leather flats, brogues can now also be boots, high-heeled shoes for women, and even sneakers! Needless to say, they are appropriate for almost every occasion, suiting both casual and smart attire. 

Best Bonfire Day Fireworks Displays in London

Battersea Park Fireworks Display

The Battersea Park will be illuminated with a magnificant bonfire and a spectacular fireworks display on the banks of the river Thames, choreographed to a musical soundtrack. This year the fireworks will be organised by the award-winning Jubilee Fireworks and the whole event will be hosted by the Radio presenter for Virgin Radio UK- Christian Williams. Other attractions will include stalls with hot food and drinks, a bar, family activities and shops selling colourful glow-in-the-dark accessories. It's a great night for families and friends, with a lot going on to fit everyone's taste. 

Tickets must be bought in advance!

Price: Adult early bird tickets £8, advance tickets £10. Children under 10 enter free

Time: Gate opens at 6pm, bonfire begins at 7.30pm and fireworks start at 8pm. There is no entry after 8pm.

Address: Battersea, London, SW11 4NJ

Transport: Queenstown Road Railway Station, Clapham Junction Railway Station

Tickets: Buy at

Best Ice Skating Rinks in London

Best Ice Skating Rinks in London

Somerset House Ice Rink

Somerset House 

The grand 18th-century courtyard backdrop met with festive events on every corner make the Somerset House Ice Rink one of the most glorious in London. Apart from skating the stunning 900-square-metre rink, there are a lot of other attractions to be found. At Fortnum's Lodge you can kick back and relax over a glass of champagne, a cup of hot chocolate, desserts and a variety of appetizers. You can also shop at the pop up Fortnum's Christmas Arcade which is the perfect place to find all of your Christmas gifts! For the party hungry there are exclusive Club Nights on the rink with music from top international DJs, featuring Ministry of Sound and Island Records. An onsight Skate School is open throughout the weekends and children under 8 can join the Polar Cub Club and take their first steps on the ice at a safe seperate training rink with fun polar bear stabilisers. 


When: Daily 10am-10:15pm. November 18-January 10

Where: Somerset House, The Strand, London, WC2R 1LA

Price: from £7.50 +booking fees (1 hour skating session)

Tube: Temple / Charing Cross / Covent Garden

Tickets: Book at or call 0844 847 1520