The world has got the marketing for January wrong.  

- January is a time for hibernation. -

January is not a time to go straight into fifth gear and lose all of our Christmas stores in 2 weeks - we need our Christmas chub to get through the month.

Chinese New Year for me always comes at a better time to think about the year ahead and start our New Year. The period between Christmas and Chinese New Year should be our hibernation time.

If you're still eating mince pies in January - I salute you. We should be!

However I barely saw a mince pie for sale after 22nd December this year. Easter eggs however were in full bloom before the end of December though.

Marketing now has us living too much in the future, I want to enjoy the now and live in the moment. It's not spring yet so why should we be buying clothes for Spring? I'll be freezing if I wear most of the clothes on sale in the shops at the moment.

As we look to the lunar New Year on 1st February 2022 - the year of the tiger, we can now start to think about the year ahead.

For Yull we are going into our 11th year of business and this year we will bring you shoes that will better your life. We are focusing on shoes that lift your mood and don't compromise on comfort. Shoes that are fun and make you feel good about your individual self.

We are still a small brand, producing short runs of each style. We are proud of our sustainability throughout all that we do and our mission of eliminating waste.

Welcome to 2022 - the year of the Tiger.

I would love to hear from our customers, what have been your favourite shoes over the last 10 years? Ones that you are still wearing 10 years later and have stood the test of time?




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