In honour of our newest addition to the collection the ‘Salcombe’ thing blog post is all about what to do in Salcombe. A beautiful little town on the coast of South West England, Salcombe is known for its sailing and coastal views. 

Up until about 100 years ago the people of Salcombe made their living from the sea in industries such as fishing, boating and shipbuilding. The area is still known for its beautiful harbour which attracts many tourists in the summer. 


Another attraction in the town is the Maritime Museum which has collated a wealth of information. The little museum is filled with artefacts and photos including information about the town in both of the world wars. This place is a must do, especially on a rainy British afternoon.


The Salcombe Distilling Company is one for all the gin lovers out there. Their facilities allow for you to distill your own 70cl bottle or alternatively, you can just shop from their selection of award-winning products.

Being a popular British summer holiday destination, Hope Cove beach is a perfect beach getaway. With crystal blue waters, any water sporting activity is a must try. However, if sporting activities aren’t your thing, why not grab a box of fish and chips and go for a stroll along the coast. 

Our spring/summer collection has just launched, you can shop our Salcombe shoe here.

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