West End is a large part of the culture of London and adore it! Musicals, Plays, and one man shows can make your week! We took some of our current favorite West End shows and inspired a shoe to wear on your big night out. Some of our favorite shows included Wicked, Chicago, Everybody’s Talking about Jamie, and Fun Home. Varying in laughter and tears, these shows will bring you to your feet in the end.

If any of these shows peak you interest visit: https://www.londontheatre.co.uk/tickets/all-shows


  • Now- Saturday November 5th 2018
  • The story before the story, how the wicked witch of the west, Elphaba and Galinda the good witch met. Their story begins back in their days at University and tells the other half of when Dorothy visited Oz.





  • Now- Saturday January 5th 2019
  • A story of the two murderesses of Cook County jail, Chicago, Illinois. Roxie Hart finds herself imprisoned after one fateful evening with her lover. In Cook County, she finds her idol Velma Kelley locked away. Fighting their way through the law, the women discover something far greater in the end.




Everybody’s talking about Jamie

  • Now- Saturday April 6th 2019
  • Sixteen-year-old Jamie New, realizes he is no longer comfortable in his own skin. Going through the already challenging time of school, Jamie finds himself wanting to embrace the world of drag. Supported by his friends and Mum, Jamie discovers who he is.



Fun Home

  • Now – Saturday September 1st 2018
  • The winner of five Tony awards, Fun Home takes a look at Allison during three stages of her life. Her memories of the 1970s childhood, her experiences at college, and the moment she came out. Throughout the show she looks back on her diverse and complicated relationship with her father. She discovers they might’ve had more in common than she had previously realized.





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