This market is located in the heart of London, near London Bridge Station, and is accessible by all transports routes (tube, train, foot, bike). This famous London alimentary market, rich in history, is currently considered the most biggest market at national and international level. 

There is cuisine from every corner of the globe on sale here. 
As a food lover, this place is made for you. When there, it is like you are traveling all around the world just by savour specialities such as French wine, bread, Asian’s tastes, Australasia, South America, European, African to name a few and of course you can also find fresh fish, meats and vegetables. 

You absolutely have to taste 2 things: 
Kappacasein : french raclette with real big cheese which melt in front of you. Even if it is strong, you can feel the smell of the French’s cheese. 
Khanom Krok : it is small coconut pancakes, a speciality made from Thailand which is really good. 
Little advice : do not eat before going there because when you arrive at the this place, your eyes will be bigger that your stomach seeing all the food. You will want to taste every single thing, I can assure you! 
Finally, Borough Market is a place where you can relax with your friends and taste plates rich in savours.

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