In this strange world of working from home, jumping from one Zoom call to the next, is it true that a pair of shoes can change your mood and how you put yourself across to others?

I would argue a strong ‘Yes’, that what you are wearing on your feet can make a huge difference to your posture, sense of empowerment and subsequently affect how others communicate with you, even through a screen! The long and short of it is… Confidence!

During the first lockdown it was quite a novelty to wear pyjama bottoms and slippers when we were ‘working’… but as time goes on and we still find ourselves in the same situation, for me (and most of my friends) the novelty has truly worn off and we all long to get dressed up and feel more attractive whenever we get a chance. We don’t have to be wearing a flashy outfit to communicate confidence, but wearing a pair of shoes you love and feeling ‘snazzy’ can help boost your spirit, strength and ultimately, your skills within.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to finding your perfect pair of power shoes, and the same individual may vary one day to the next… one day you may feel quiet, but confidently calm. The next, you might be feeling more feisty. So it is about choosing the shoes that reflect (or possibly disguise) your emotions, so you feel in control of the day. That could be about a print, bold colour or having the confidence to wear an unusual pair of shoes. In a world where we are all striving to judge (and be judged) less, there is more opportunity to experiment with what works for you to fully capture the mood enhancing benefits that fashion can provide. Having that, is what will give you confidence.

There are no rules, but some may feel better when they opt for flat shoes in order to feel comfortable and self-assured. Others may get a buzz from a pair of killer heels. Rich, vibrant colours inspire some people daily and others find it empowering to try something new and make it their own. The main thing is trying on shoes that you love and seeing the different emotions they create!

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