It’s a “RED” takeover; everyone can’t get enough of this powerful colour. It has numerous strong connotations’, it is the color of love and hate, the colour of Cupid and the Devil, the color used to represent Valentines Day and danger as well. Perhaps the power of red comes from animal awareness. For years, matadors have taunted bulls by flashing a red cape. It is a strong and a bold color, and it is the trend that has taken over the autumn/winter 2017 shows.

Designers from topshop, Fenti, Givenchy walked the runway in our trending color, from jumpsuits to coats, to accessories, we can’t just get enough of this color.
According to Refinery 29, red is not just “ a bold lipstick, the sole of a shoe, the leather of a biker jacket”. There are different types of the colour; there is burgundy, cherry, rose, blood, scarlet and ruby.

Ladies, be Daring and beautiful in red. Men don’t worry you are not left out; there are fabulous red outfits for you to! From blazers, to pants, even Jumpsuits, you will feel more than confident walking down the streets in out trending fierce color!


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