If you are new to Yull, or even if you’re not, you will soon see how much passion and love is held within our brand.

To give you a little insight into the Yull brand, we want to introduce you to the one who started it all. Internet meet Sarah Watkinson-Yull.

In 2011, Sarah never imagined that she would soon be running an internationally known shoe brand. Flash forward 9 years, what began as some fun and an experiment, of sorts, turned into a career and dream fulfilled for Sarah.

The Yull idea truly dates back to her first year at University in 2011. That same year Sarah was awarded help from the Prince’s Trust on their enterprise scheme.

“The funding, help, knowledge, and support I had from them was outstanding,” Sarah said.

Still, it did not happen like magic. The Yull you know today took a lot of hard work and dedication on her part to develop the brand and garner support.

That hard work and dedication has not faded since. A typical workday for Sarah consists of juggling her 5-month baby and taking part in the learning curve that is happening all over the world with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Every day is different and certainly not boring,” Sarah said.

Before, she had to juggle the business with a full-time degree and part-time job. “I thought I was the busiest then I would ever be- until I had the baby!” Sarah jokes.

While her work style may have changed since her Uni days, she still remains completely dedicated to the brand and its growth. The focus now is adapting to this everchanging environment and growth of e-commerce as we return to life post-pandemic.

What makes Yull different from other shoe brands, you ask? Yull caters to everyone. Every age. Every style. Every occasion. It is something we pride ourselves on.

One of our missions is sourcing our materials from sustainable sources. Yull only uses leathers that are a bi product of the meat industry and all packaging is from ethical suppliers. 

The motto is “Style Over Fashion,” as Yull aims to provide the customers with a colorful range of products suitable for any occasion. As we enter the Autumn and Winter seasons, a new collection of boots, trainers, and flats with classic and elegant twists are ready to meet any need you may have.

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