Nowadays, fashion weeks take place in the main cities where fashion is in the heart of all preoccupations : New York, London, Paris and Milan twice a year.
During this special week, over 170 famous designers start from underwears to jackets and accessories such as Calvin Klein to Michael Kors, Balenciaga come here from all over the world to highlight the last trends, to show off their new pieces of their collection through catwalks which mix men and women styles.
There, you can be sure to see and meet a lot of bloggers, influencers, big personalities, designers and models who weigh in on the fashion industry.
London fashion week is a place where originality, creativity and trends meet up. It is where you can expose your own style.

This year, the top trends are: sweetened and animatronic. 
By sweetened, we talk about warm colours as candies (blue, pink, yellow…). In this point of view, designers make an addition of several colours which bring youthful, vitality and good mood on us even if it is winter. 
Contrary to sweetened style, animatronic trend is inspired by Mangas which bring a futuristic, robotic and melancholic sides with heavy metallic colours and textures to the clothes. If you adopt this style, you will have a high tech look which will bring you to the light. 

After the Fashion Week, comes the Fashion Week Festival. This festival goes with creativity, shopping and fun. Indeed, there you can surely find what you are looking for with accessories, clothes, shoes and make up. During these days you will love it because a lot of services are offered by brands. Indeed, girls can be pampering by professionals in makeup, in hair, nails … there’s a lot to do, no time to be bored!
Effectively, when you arrive in the hall, you enter into a world, in the fashion universe where this notion is all in people’s mind. 

As there’s a lot to do, when you see all the clothes, shoes, bags, activities in makeup and hair, you don’t see anything anymore and you do not really what to do first. But that’s okay, you have all day to see each product and to take time to shop. You can do your shopping in new products in new collections or in big brands sales (Balenciaga, Burberry…)

After shopping, you can relax and take time to have your nails done, do your make up at Maybelline, try some sunglasses and other stuff and of course, take some pictures with a polaroid to be trendy! 
Don’t waste your time, go to London Fashion Festival, and have fun! 

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