Henley Royal Regatta begins tomorrow!  

Founded in 1839, it is famous both as a great sporting occasion and as a social event which takes place Henley. People travel from all over the world to attend this event, either as competitors or as spectators. 

From the 28th of June to the 2nd of July, we’ll see different teams compete for prizes. 

The Events are gathered into different categories. At the top level there are six open events for men and six open events for women. At the intermediate level there are three events for men, catering for the best of the club and student crews. The next level offers five men's events for the majority of club and student oarsmen. Finally, there are two events for junior men and one event for junior women. 

Henley Regatta is the best-known regatta in the world. This famous race lasts 5 days which attracts thousands of visitors.  

Here is a quick recap of the dress code:

 For ladies : 
- no jeans, shorts, culottes, leggings or trousers
- formal daywear required (dresses and skirts must be not shorter than just above the knees for Steward's enclosure) 
- they encourage and appreciate the wearing of hats or fascinators 
- girls over 13 years of age should follow this code 

 For Gentlemen : 
- jackets must be worn at all time
- they encourage you to wear boaters or panama hats but this is not compulsory 
- boys over 13 years of age should follow this code.  

We just hope that it doesn’t rain in true British fashion! 

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