One of our new stockers,"Grab the Hunger" opened their doors to their new shop on Friday 1st of December 2017. It was an amazing event, with outstanding fashion trends on display. We were giving the opportunity to also display some of our stunning winter collections.
We get to know Ronica Ruparelia (Director of Grab the Hanger) inspiration, target customer, etc. with this interview she took.
  • What is it that first made you fall in love with clothes/fashion? 

When I was younger I was never confident in my appearance however the way my mother dressed me out of my uniform, I felt noticed by my young peers. I gained confidence and popularity from the things I wore – I was finally ‘seen.’ From this I gained an affection for clothes/fashion, realizing I could quite literally dress my confidence.

  • What made you choose fashion as your career path?  

I believe, as I got older, I realized I wanted a career in the fashion industry. I worked in retail on the shop floor and after going to university I worked for a number of large brands (Harrods, Selfridges, Ernest Jones) as a buyer. 

It was while I was working for someone else that I really thought I could do this for myself. That’s I came up with the idea for my boutique, Grab the Hanger. I decided I wanted to create a women’s wear boutique that would be affordable but aspirational. My whole mission with Grab the Hanger was to create a cool, exciting place for shoppers to buy clothes that they would not see 1,000 other people wearing.  

  • What is your favourite outfit? Who is your favourite designer?

I love a great co-ord or in other words a matchy matchy outfit two piece. Most the time I want a ready made outfit and pantsuits make getting ready for the office a cinch and skirts sets and shorts sets allow me to look pulled together on the weekends. I complete the outfit with some delicate jewellery and great shoes. 

There are loads of really great brands who are amazing at doing this and we have plenty in store from Sister Jane to English Factory.

I don’t have a favourite designer, as my style is ever evolving as I grow. However– I will always lure after Chanel anything. 

I’ve always been a fan of British style, its always more experimental and edgier than other styles around the world.

  • Describe your target customer in a few words eg. age, gender, style

Grab the Hanger’s target customer can be described as a fashionable woman between the ages of 20 and 40 and always needs a new outfit with plenty of occasions to get dressed up and go out. She lives in that slightly paradoxical London lifestyle where eating clean and going to the gym intersects with trying the latest restaurant and drinking cocktails late into the night. 

  • What makes your items unique to London stores?

Realising there was a space for an accessible, yet fashion led store stocking desirable, unique and discreet labels at a mid-market price.  

I really try to find amazing buys that no other stores in London have – because there’s nothing worse than bumping into someone in the same outfit. 

Each design in store has a limited quantity so you won’t have to worry – but once it’s gone it’s really gone. 

 Location: 28 Cheshire St, London E2 6EH



December 07, 2017 by Sena Adablah