Gold Cup & St Patricks Day

As you know, on March 17th, Saint Patrick Day is the most famous celebration in Ireland. Wherever Irish people are in the World, they will never miss to celebrate!

On the 17th of March, all the pubs, streets and public places, you will see  people all dressed in green usually with big hat, shamrocks and red beard. On this day, there are parades, concerts and lots of partying - drinking Irish beers, dancing and singing all night long. It is also THE day around the globe to meet your friends and drink beers as much as you want! 
By celebrating this big day, Irish people knew how to conquered the world because now this special day is celebrating in every corner of the world such as Europe, America, South America etc… 
However today is also extra special because it is also the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the biggest seasonal racing horse event of the year. Even more paddy power! The Cheltenham Gold Cup is a Grade 1 National Hunt horse race run on the New Course at Cheltenham Racecourse in England, over a distance of 3 miles 2½ furlongs, and during its running there are 22 fences to be jumped. During the race, you can bet on horses and win money if you are lucky but lose if you are unlucky … 
So follow the races to win some money if you are lucky, and get some beers to celebrate it! 
March 17, 2017 by Bounna Chanthala