Now that the snow is over, the temperatures are above zero and the days are getting longer, we can finally get excited about some warmer weather and some sunshine! We've put together some top holiday destinations close to home and abroad so get into the summer spirit and some ideas of where to take your new shoes. Remember to get in there quickly with our new spring/summer collection as it is already selling out quicker than we you can say M-A-R-G-H-A-R-I-T-A...


30 minute direct flight from UK


The tropics in the English Channel! An easy get away from the UK, delicious seafood, sandy beaches, a 30mph speed limit and no language barrier. Go in April/May to see the bluebells or in June/July to soak up some rays. 

What we like: Beautiful sandy beaches, trips by boat to Herm and Sark where there are no cars and delicious fresh seafood. 

Places to stay: Bella Luce Hotel, Old Government House Hotel, Stocks Hotel (Sark)

Price: 3 nights from £239 per person 

Visit website to book: Here

Best shoes: Brixton Pop


4hrs 30 from London, 1hrs 45 from Cardiff by car 


A beautiful walled town on the Pembrokeshire coast. Famous for it's sandy beaches and coloured buildings. Cars are even banned from the historic centre in the summer months which adds greatly to its appeal of somewhere peaceful and restful. A perfect weekend break in the UK. 

What we like: Beautiful coloured buildings on the harbour front, sandy beaches, art museum and interesting shops and cafés. 

Places to stay: The Broadmead, Penally Abbey, Fourcroft Hotel

Price: From £75/night 

Visit website to book: Here

Best shoes: Tenby



3hr 30 direct flight from UK


A greek island famous for it's black beaches and fabulous sunsets. Watch the sunset in Oia or even better take a cruise to the centre of the volcano and see the sunset on the way back. Best time to visit is April/May/June before it gets too hot and all the tourists flood in. Remember the beach is very hot! 

What we like: Beautiful sunsets, caves turned into boutique hotels, instagram worthy scenes, black beaches, local wine, being able to discover the island by buggy. 

Places to stay: Aria Suites, Bellonias Villas, Caldera's Dolphin

Price: £160 return direct flights per person 

Visit website to book: Here

Best shoes: Scarborough


2hrs 30 minute direct flight from London Stansted


The beautiful french Island of Corisca, locked in the heart of Mediterranean. The island is awash with white sandy beaches and turquoise sea. Lose yourself in this Mediterranean hideaway, where the sun blesses a vivid landscape of irresistible beaches, wild forests and jutting peaks.

What we like: Beautiful sandy beaches, French food, the hills and rich culture

Places to stay: A Piattatella, Hotel La Goeland

Price: £150 return flights 

Visit website to book: Here

Best shoes: Fife

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