As today it is the Grilled cheese national day in America, we wanted to show you some cool places in London which are dedicated to cheese lovers. Cheese in UK is something everyone is fond of.

That is why some geniuses created the "Cheese truck" in 2014. The cheese truck was set up to promote and celebrate British cheese through s market stall on London's Maltby street market. All the cheese is made in UK and the menu consists of: grilled cheese, keens cheddar, ogle shield with onion mix, crop well bishop stilton with bacon and pear chutney with sides of cours (friends ...) and so on. All this dishes are handmade with a lot of love to transmit the cheese passion and at affordable prices so all can taste the great British cheese. Unfortunately this truck is gone ... 

But, good news, since March 2017, you still have the chance to taste the UK spaniel cheese because there is now a permanent Cheese Bar, located in Camden Stable Market. They serve all manner of cheese-based delights which sound and taste so good! 

You will find so many dishes as well such as mozzarella sticks, truffled baron bigod, four cheese roselle, young buck raclette and some grilled cheese stuffs... You will never be fed up with cheese - is that possible? 

Undoubtedly you are now hungry, you already have the cheese smell, the taste of it, but you can't drool on your computer! 

So today pretend to be an American and go at Camden Stable Market and visit the Cheese Bar for to enjoy  a "healthy" dishes and to enjoy it with your friends!! 

By the way, there is the Camden market cheese festival you can go : 

Price: Free

Time: May 6-7 from 11am to 18pm 

Address: Camden Market - 188 Camden High St, NW1 8AF Londres

Facebook page:

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