As you know, even if you are not a Londoner, Camden is one of the famous districts and is one of the THE places to go. 
It is known for its trendiness and its energy  When you arrive at camden station, you just put one foot outside and you immediately feel the sound and the vibrancy, you can see colorful structures and this alone can put you in a good mood. 
In Camden market, you can find a lot of food from every corner of the world such as Asian, Europe, North and South of America, and etc. The smell of all the mixed food will make you happy but at the same time very hungry! This market is a paradise place for both your eyes and your stomach and when you see all the food at such affordable prices, you will surely want to take and taste every single plates. After eating this, to digest, it is time to have a walk around the streets to see the clothes and other articles markets such as gothic things. Outside the markets, in the streets. You can also find little boutiques were you can buy some souvenirs from London, jewellery, clothes etc. 
However, after shopping, you still have time to rest, relax and having drinks with your friends at Camden’s many lively bars. 
Camden is also very much associated with British singer Amy Winehouse as it was 'her hood' in London - you will find statues of her in the street to remind us of what a brave and successful woman she was! A Camden legend!


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