The design museum is currently hosting an exhibition on California called California: Designing Freedom - an eye-opening display presenting not only art and technological achievements of our generation but also the power of the attitude - NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE - each of us has Freedom to create and shape the present and the future. 

A quite big gallery got divided in sections, See What You Want, Go Where You Want, Make What You Want, Say What You Want, Join Who You Want to make understand the concept of freedom achieved by technological tools better. The whole space is very interactive,visitors can watch shorts films presenting the every-day of living in California in 1960s, hear and watch Disney first animations screened on an old Sony as well as use a virtual map to locate and zoom in any place on Earth they can think of.   

As most of you, I am very familiar with many 'products' labeled 'Designed in California' (Apple, Vans, Disney, Facebook) but this exhibition made me understand an enormous impact they had and have on our lives.

Now, as a social media generation with everybody having a smartphone, each of us has the power to express themselves and spread the news worldwide, no matter who we are and where we are. It's a fact. But probably as you do, I forget about how the reality looked back then, before 'Californian revolution'. The exhibit is a chance to reflect and see often a very humble beginnings of the most influential entrepreneurs of our times.

Snapchat Spectacles, 2016

Skateboarding paraphernalia also had a big impact on shaping many Californian brands and then worldwide trends.

Powerbook 100 Apple, 1991

self driving car, Waymo, Google

By giving us examples of the most recognised brands, curators - Justin Mcguire and Brendan McGetrick take us for a journey showing the beginnings of personal computers, social media, contemporary gadgets accompanied by Facebook HQ maps and Apple archives, Wired magazine issues and colourful graphics created by Californian artists. We also get a chance to see newly lunched products as Google's self driving car, Waymo. 

But don't think that only tech geeks will enjoy it, a considerable effort was made to show a visitor a bigger picture of how the life was back then in California. Most successful ideas presented were determined by that time current political situation, commune movements and just this simple need of making life easier.

California: Designing Freedom provides you with quite an experience, and believe me or not but it really makes you feel good about our generation! 

When: California: Designing Freedom runs from 24 May to 15 October 2017  

Location: Design Museum, 224-238 Kensington High Street

The closest tube station: Kensington High Street

Ticket: Adult £14.50, student £10.75

Time: You need around 1.5h to see the exhibit

Book here:

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