Welcome to the most famous Indian district in London at Aldgate Est Station. Brick Lane is known for its diversity and its art. Let’s do a tourism tour briefly. 
First, when you enter Brick Lane you immediately see a lot of street art, graffiti, amazing and creative tags on the wall. This will put you in a little festive atmosphere around Indians shops and food! 
And then when you move forward, you instantly smell all the delicious food you’ve been dreaming about. You have finally reached the food market, where there’s an abundance of food selections, you’re in awe and can’t even believe your eyes. Your natural reaction: eat them all, which is technically impossible. After taking a seat and devouring all the food you can, you can take a  stroll and shop through the most famous vintage clothing market. At this market, you inhale the “vintage smell” of the clothing, and discover several unique styles and tresures from the 80’s. Also, if you want to remember this place and capture the moment, you can even take vintage photos in their photo booth. 

This is London, markets are not just markets, they are synonym of fun, food, culture and happiness

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