It is no mistake that the United Kingdom (UK) owns some of the most amazing and beautiful parks for its visitors and locals to enjoy. Whether you are plopped under a tree or strolling through on a nice walk, each park has a different vibe that is sure to have a dose of history mixed in. The Yull team has compiled a list of parks both in and out of the M25 that are sure to bring good fun and relaxation.

Greenwich Park 

Covering 183 acres and being the oldest enclosed Royal Park, it has exuded brillance throughout the years. Including several historic buildings such as the Old Royal Observatory, Royal Naval College and National Maritime Museum there is much to see when you visit. Greenwich Park is also the birthplace of Henry VII and his daughters Mary and Elizabeth so you are sure to be walking on historical grounds.

Hampstead Heath 

Here you can take in great views of London from some of the highest points of the park. Open 24 hours everyday, there is a lot of time to sit and relax with a group of friends or enjoy some time to yourself. Go on the Flask Walk where there is a small lane of shops that appeal to kids and adults.

Regents Park 

Known for the largest area for sports and other activities, Regents Park is used for a number of sports such as football, softball and lacrosse. This Royal Park in particular partners with organizations that promote healthy lifestyles by encouraging physical activity. Lastly, don’t forget to check out Queen Mary’s Garden that has the largest collection of roses equalling up to 12,000 individual roses and 85 different types.

Stratford-upon-Avon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

With 823 acres, and 26,000 people that live in the area, Stratford-upon-Avon is the largest National Park in Wales. One attraction for visitors is Conwy Castle that sits above the river Conwy that stretches across 1.3km. It is free to enter all parts of the castle as there are eight towers that sit above the structure. Another picturesque castle is Cricieth Castle above Castle Street that overlooks the deep blue waters of Tremadog Bay. 

The South Downs 

You need to plan a visit to East Sussex in order to see the amazing views of South Downs National park. With 3300 KM of walking path, there are endless sights to see and many trails to follow. South Downs converted old railway lines into new trail adding places to relax and take in its beautiful scenery. It is also famously known its evening views as the night sky fills up with luminous stars off in the distance. 

Hyde Park 

Dead center in the Heart of London, Hyde Park is a world renowned park that pops up on instagram profiles of both visitors and locals. With the large amount of acres that make up Hyde Park, there are loads of untouched space to roam and explore. Being that it is one of eight Royal Parks, as well as one of the largest, it is able to accommodate almost anything from sport facilities, horse riding, and music events. Make sure to check out the amazing Kensington Gardens and Serpentine for causal boating and water fun. 

Be sure to take advantage of this list of parks as they are not only big plots of greenery but also historical expressions of the past in the UK. Let us know what parks you have visited and tag us on instagram @yullshoes. Have a wonderful rest of the week from us here at Team Yull!

Yull Shoes xx


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