With gorgeous weather and sunny skies soon to hit the United Kingdom, the Yull Team has some great recommendations for seaside towns! From tourist crowded pebbled beaches to remote white sand beaches and fishing towns, this list will have some recommendations for a perfect little weekend getaway. 

Salcombe, Devon

Located in South Devon, it is known to be one of the most scenic landscapes in the United Kingdom. The coastal views and surrounding grassy countryside are something to see during the summer as the sun shines its light on the vibrant colours of the sea and land. Salcombe is also known to be a water sport haven for activities such as kayaking, surfing and sailing for the more relaxing types. Another main attraction for tourists is the Star Point Lighthouse as its amazing views accompany the beautiful land it rests upon. Before you leave make sure you visit the local shops and boutiques without forgetting to grab a glass of award winning Salcombe gin🍸.

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Tenby, Pembrokeshire 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Known as “Little England beyond Wales” it remains to this day as one of the most attractive seaside towns with many of the buildings coincidentally painted with the Yull aesthetic 😏. If you walk through the south beach of Tenby you will find Giltar Point where the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path begins and where Caldey Island is right in view. There are also views from Monkstone Point that encapsulate a serene getaway as there are vivid sights of clear seas and the rocky mountain side of Saundersfoot Bay. The white sand beaches in Tenby also allow for family adventures and activities in building sandcastles accompanied with ice cream on a  sunny summer day. Lastly, the Tenby Museum and Art Gallery, established in 1878, is the oldest independent museum in Wales and is sure to please any artsy traveler 🖼️.

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Brighton, Sussex

There is more to Brighton than just the frequently visited beaches, alley and lanes. To start, there are many events in Brighton coming up this summer, one of them being the “Screen on the Village Green” currently taking place at The Village Square until July 14th. Another favourite, is the Brighton Coffee Festival ☕ that will be on August 11th where there will be tastings, exclusive chats, and latte art. If you find yourself in Brighton strictly going for the beach, there are a lot of attractions along the seafront. Some attractions include the Volk’s Electric Railway for children as well as the British Airways i360 for some sight seeing and drinks for parents🍹.

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Margate, Kent

Deemed “The Original Seaside”, Margate is known for its diverse tastes and attractions to visitors all over the world. For a more relaxed crowd, Magate’s old town contains quaint yet sophisticated restaurants, art galleries and timeless shops. Families also have the option to take their children to the famous Dreamland where it is home to the oldest UK roller coaster🎢 and a ferris wheel 🎡 that the whole family can enjoy. Make sure to stop by the Turner Contemporary gallery to view some of the installations and art that were directly inspired by the sunsets produced by the Margate sky and landscape. Of course, you don’t have to do any of this to still enjoy yourself in Margate as the sandy beaches and sunny skies are sure to make for a relaxing holiday.

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Have an amazing rest of the week from us at Team Yull! Cheers!

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