It's starting to get dark earlier, your alarm goes off in the morning and you think it's the middle of the night still, not time to get up. Sometimes it is sad to say goodbye to Summer. Except for launching our new Autumn/Winter collection this month to get you excited about Autumn, we have compiled a list of fun Autumnal activities to get you excited about too!

Autumn Walks

What better way to enjoy the colours of the autumn leaves than an enjoyable stroll with dogs, children, girlfriends, boyfriends or husbands in tow. In the UK, National trust recommend to watch the light glimmer off golden leaves at Morden Hall Park , escape the hustle and bustle of Richmond and witness the aura of autumn on a riverside stroll to Ham House & Garden or step into the wallet garden of Fenton House where an abundant harvest sits alongside heritage apple trees before heading across Hampstead Heath to Ernö Goldfingers's modernist home. Across the pond, in NYC, of course there is Central Park, arguably the best inner city park in the world. However being based in Battersea,we are biased to Battersea Park,you can walk along the river with the park to the side and the Albert Bridge in view.

Pumpkin Carving

Becoming more and more an activity this side of the pond now. How about throwing a pumpkin carving party? Instagram and Pinterest are full of ideas much more than just the well known pumpkin face. You can even spray them different colours now. We are very fond of pink ones to go with our brogues and of course silver! Who doesn't love a bit of pink and silver to brighten up Autumn. It's time to get creative. Be sure to make lots of pumpkin treats to go with. my favourite are pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake and pumpkin soup! 

Bonfire Parties

What better way to enjoy all the autumnal things in one! An excuse to put on your wellies and get some fresh air. You can toast marshmallows over the fire and drink hot apple cider whilst snuggling under a blanket. You can even organise apple bobbing and sparklers! Think of it as an Autumnal BBQ! Makes you feel warmer. 

 Apple Picking

Just because you live in a city it doesn't mean you can't pick apples. There are plenty of city farms and orchards to pick apples from. In London some ideas are: Heathfield Farm, Croydon, Hewitts Farm, Orpington, Stanhill Farm, Dartford. Think of the yummy recipes you could make. Our favourites ideas are: glazed apple fritters, apple pie - of course, kale and apple soup and waldorf salad. Of course apple pairs superbly with pork and brie too. 

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