This past week we've witnessed the end of an era- the Iron lady in Margaret Thatcher’s death.

Many hated her, whilst others loved her. She was determined, confident and strong, yet sophisticated and elegant. From grocers daughter to the first and only female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, she was truly inspirational.

While reading an article in FT Weekend Magazine, I came across a quote by Simon Schama that described her perfectly, "She was Boudicca with a handbag, helmet-haired Gloriana, Britannia with a cruise missile". 

'Maggie' with President Reagan at the White House

One of the things we remember Margaret for was her classic style, and it seems as though we're not the only ones. Samantha Cameron paid tribute to Margaret with her outfit at her funeral on Wednesday, she wore a pussy bow blouse, a style that Thatcher made her own during her residency at Number 10.

Margaret in the Yull Cheltenham shoe?

Looking at pictures of Margaret over the years, I spotted one that immediately caught my eye. It was of Margaret with President Reagan at the White House in 1987. She wore a bold print dress, pearls, and shoes that look like the Yull Cheltenham. Perhaps we should dedicate a shoe to Margaret? The Maggie?

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