Animal Print

MY second favorite trend of Autumn 2018 has to be animal print. It was a trend that people begged not to come back ever since Jersey Shore came to an end; but this animal inspiration is back from the dead. Although it is better and bolder than ever before, with bright yellow snake skin (as seen above) and the classic leopard print one cannot go wrong. Whether you are taking a simple shoe like the Westminster Willow low or something more striking like the Brighton Ginkgo, it will look stunning. Think of the animal print as a neutral and pair it up with other prints or bright colors will just make your outfit even more high fashion!


Oh plaid, it has been a dear friend to society for years, but it has also been our enemy especially when it was featured on the angst filled teens or the posh ones of the 2000s’. But just like animal print it has made a comeback, we will see it on our trousers, our tops, and dresses. Even our AW 2019 collection we have our Chester bootie, Cumbria boot, and the Green Park heel; all showing off the checked pattern. Whether you’re looking to clash the patterns together or wear it as an accent it would be a the most perfect addition to your wardrobe this season.

High Gloss

This shiny futuristic look is going to be the riskiest trend this season. Though it is of the highest fashion and will grace the look of ever trend setter, it walks a thin line between emulating an alien. Take your everyday look like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt; add our Brighton silver oxfords with a shin high sock and a coordinating metallic jacket on top! Creates a eccentric and fashionable look without trying too hard. Or Swap out your favorite pair of jeans and put on a metallic skirt, pair it with the Brighton Spruce or Brighton Black. A cohesive and complementary outfit without look like you are visiting from Mars.


Though leather will never fade, it is just the right accent this season. Whether it be a tight pair of leather pants to make you feel like a rock star. Or a glamorous new red leather bag just to add a pop of color, this trend is the most versatile and long lasting. Pair the leather with any of the other trends you will look daring and sophisticated. One of my favorite looks with a leather jacket and or a leather pant is a cozy over-sized sweater pair with one of my Chester booties and thick bulky plaid scarf. A classic outfit that will keep up the good looks without sacrificing warmth.


Now my absolute favorite trend this fall is the western look, this isn’t just inspiration pulled from Lonesome Dove this trend also features a bit of a 70s’ twist. Over-sized white blouse with piping along the collarbone and fringe for days make this trend psychedelic. Floral details and lots of lace make the western look incredibly feminine, pair it with the Cumbria boot or one of our Brighton Oxford. You will look like you run the town. Even I you don’t want to go full blown Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid wear a western inspired belt, wide brim structured hat, or even a suede vest an exaggerate your regular day to day outfit to a little more high fashion for the fall.




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